Final week of Feb competition

With 73% of the month gone, we’ve completed 75% of games, so on average we’re ahead of schedule. That said, Rory has to complete 7 games this week and Jim & Darren 6 each.

Nick and Jean are in the Clubhouse. Guffbot is predicting a Nick win by three points, but Steve can still do it – he’s 11 points behind with three games to go. Who will be right? I, for one, welcome our guffbot overlords.

Here’s the standings

And by the way, out of tournament, beating Nick is a doddle

February WWG: end of week one

Nick is crushing it – with the inter-generational Andrews contingent following closely behind. Guffbot predicts Nick will win with 47 points (oiut of a max 56).

BUT do not despair, there is a long way to go. Dark Horse Rory has 13 games left to show his manhood (as it were) and Kate is not known as The Wordy Terminator for nothing.

The rule of #fail

In the event that a game has a technical fault (eg, both players see it as the other person’s go) then the game is considered void and must be replayed.

The exception is if the players agree that a particular result was inevitable. Eg, one player was 150 up with 2 tiles left. In which case they tell the Guff Master their agreed outcome.

The Rules

The rules to be as follows:
  1. Everyone plays each other twice – that means 10 games in total
  2. Matches must be completed by end Jan
  3. Last person to play to screencapture score and report it to me
  4. 3 points for a win, rising to 4 if won by 50 points or more
  5. One point each if a draw
  6. In the event of a tie at the end, it goes down to aggregate points in the tied people’s head to head matches
  7. No help from outside the game (eg, anagram generators or dictionaries etc.)
  8. Who plays first? Whoever plays the last move in the previous game should be the one to hit rematch